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White Fillings

So you need a filling. Sometimes, it happens. But no one but your dentist needs to know! At Marketplace Dentistry, we only use white resin and ceramic fillings which are mercury-free and Bisphenol-A (BPA)-free. White fillings are not only durable, but aesthetically, they are matched to the colour of your existing teeth so that the natural look of your smile is maintained.


Fillings, which are referred to as restorations, can be direct or indirect. A direct restoration is made from white resin and is generally created by Dr. Lewinger at a single appointment. Indirect restorations (referred to as inlays or onlays) are made from ceramic and are custom-made for you by a dental laboratory. The process of designing the restoration and applying it into the tooth generally requires two dental appointments. Not sure about the difference? Talk to Dr. Lewinger about which restoration may be appropriate for you.


If you are not happy with any existing fillings that you currently have, talk to Dr. Lewinger to determine if it would be appropriate to remove these fillings and replace them with new white fillings.



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