Our Environment.  Our Community.

At Marketplace Dentistry we know that our patients come to our office because we take care of their oral health and cosmetic dental needs. But our patients also appreciate that, in our office, we have created a healthy office space for our patients and staff to enjoy and further, that we have taken (and continue to take) significant steps to minimize our impact on the environment.


At Marketplace Dentistry, meticulous efforts were taken to design, build, decorate and operate a dental office that provides full-service care to our patients, looks attractive and is environmentally responsible without compromising on sterility, safety and patient care. We don’t consider ourselves to be environmental activists and we are certainly not perfect. But by incorporating the latest technology, materials and innovations, we hope to be an example for other businesses as to how we can all make a difference in reducing our ecological footprint. One day, we think that environmental responsibility in the building and operation of businesses will be the norm. But in the meanwhile, we will keep looking for ways to improve.



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