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Day-to-day Operation

Many of the day-to-day environmentally responsible features of Marketplace Dentistry aren’t readily apparent to our patients but taken together, they have a significant environmental and health impact:

• Steam (rather than chemical) sterilization

• Digital oral pictures and x-rays

• Digital patient charts

• Bio-degradable, recyclable and/or re-fillable office supplies

• Eco-friendly cleaning supplies

• Telephone and electronic appointment reminders (rather than mailed reminders)

• Electronic patient communications

• Office recycling program

• No photocopier or fax machine (scan and print only what is necessary)

• Contracts with local labs to minimize carbon emissions

• Office Eco-Procurement Policy which includes contracting with or supporting ecologically responsible companies and products

• BPA-free materials for dental appliances including sports mouthguards, nightguards, Invisalign and white fillings

• Complimentary beverage centre for patients including organic fair trade coffee and tea (made on-site rather than purchasing disposable bottles or cans)

• Travel mugs for staff to avoid use of disposal coffee cups throughout the day

• Word-of-mouth marketing – if you like what we are doing at Marketplace Dentistry, tell people about us!


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