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Crowns and Bridges

What is a Crown?

Crowns are dental restorations that are placed over a natural tooth which has lost structure or strength for reasons such as damage, decay, fracture and root canal treatment. Crowns are also used to restore dental implants, improve bite dysfunctions and support teeth as part of a bridge. The crown acts as a “cap” giving the natural tooth strength, protection, durability and improving the look of the tooth aesthetically. Crowns are custom-made for your mouth and are designed to match the colour, size and shape of your natural teeth


What is a Bridge?

A bridge is a non-removable dental restoration used to replace a missing tooth or teeth and may be an alternative to partial dentures. The bridge is secured in place by bonding it to the adjacent natural teeth or implants using crowns. Like crowns, bridges are custom-made for your mouth and are designed to match the colour, size and shape of your natural teeth. All of the crowns and bridges used at Marketplace Dentistry are nickel-free and can be made with all-ceramic materials.



What is involved?

Both crowns and bridges require at least two appointments. At the first appointment, you will meet with Dr. Lewinger who will prepare your tooth (or teeth), select the shade and take dental impressions which will be used to design the crown and/or bridge. A temporary crown and/or bridge will be placed in your mouth which will simulate your new smile so you have a chance to see what it will look like before the lab creates the permanent one for you. As an additional benefit, you will leave the office looking even better than when you arrived! At the next appointment, the temporary crown and/or bridge will be removed and the permanent one will be affixed to your teeth for a beautiful, natural looking smile.


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