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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tal Lewinger - Friday, August 18, 2017

You always think that getting your wisdom teeth means that you are now going to be smarter.No, sadly this is not the case and sometimes having the wisdom teeth start to come in causes issues that cannot be fixed with braces. You don’t have to have them removed though if they are healthy, completely emerged correctly, and not affecting other teeth. Other than that though, it is highly suggested that they be removed because they are only going to cause issues.


Most of the time however, people don’t have room for them and can cause problems (even if you don’t yet feel it).They sometimes don’t grow in correctly, getting impacted and not emerging out of the gums, thereby causing issues with the teeth in front of them. Young adults are more likely to get them removed before they start causing problems in order to prevent them. X-rays can help a dentist to make that determination in the early stages of growth.


How are wisdom teeth removed?


Depending on whether there is only one, or all of them being removed, determines they type of anesthetic that is being used. Sometimes it even depends on the dentist and what their general practice is. If there is an infection however first, they will ensure that is cleared up prior to removal of the teeth. You will either have this done at the regular dentists’ office or a specialists office.If you are going to get general anesthesia, you’ll want to refrain from eating the night before.

The area is numbed, or you are put to sleep and then the dentist will get to work. They will open the gum tissue up and take out any bone that is covering the tooth and then separate the tissues connecting the tooth, and then remove it. Depending on the severity of the hole that was just created stitches are generally needed and either will dissolve or be taken out at a later appointment.




The time after having them removed is generally the worst period. It doesn’t last long but there are certain things that need to be considered during the healing process to ensure that it doesn’t take longer than it has to.Generally you’ll get pain medication to help with the comfort levels afterwards.


Once you leave you’ll have gauze in your mouth to soak up the bleeding, but the bleeding should subside before 24 hours. If not, a call to the dentist is warranted. You’ll probably be swollen s using ice packs on your cheeks will help bring it down for the first 24 hours, and after that a warm wash rag should help. Also keep relaxing and sleep inclined to help with the bleeding. You don’t want to overdo it (although you probably won’t want to anyway).


Eat ice cream! Seriously though, a soft diet is required during healing and you will be restricted from drinking through a straw and smoking (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway as it can delay healing in general) because these actions and motions can cause the blood clot to loosen and increase healing time. And rinse with warm salt water several times per day to keep the area clean and healthy and to promote healing.


All in all having wisdom teeth removed is a widely used practice that helps many to fix current issues and also prevent future ones from happening. This is definitely one of the proactive dental practices that while painful, will keep you from having pain and more work in the future.


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