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Why Dental Implants Are the Best Option to Replace Missing Teeth

Tal Lewinger - Friday, May 05, 2017

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. Despite other options such as dental plates or dentures, implants provide everything you want from a replaced tooth. Because of its durability, low maintenance and accompanying prosthesis, dental implants not only look like your natural teeth, it feels like your natural teeth. It bonds to the jaw bone or lower skull via a process known as osseointegration. This is a fancy word for getting outside materials, such as titanium, to bond with bone. In dental medicine, the process dates back into the 1940s, but began being widely used in the 1960s; when dental implants were first used in humans. Because dental implants have been widely available for 50 years, it has quite an impressive history and quit few upgrades from its initial rendition.


Implants are useful for most situations. They are typically used as a medium to use other prosthesis such as dentures. Implants are used to protect healthy bone. When teeth are missing the underlying jaw bone can deteriorate. It can also harm the exposed gums. When not supporting a tooth, the jaw loses its firmness and strength. Implants can be used to simulate a natural bone aiding in dental restoration. It is the only dental restoration process to similar natural bone. Unlike using dentures alone, implants keep teeth in your mouth. It doesn't require a third-party substance to keep the apparatus in your mouth. This means you can do anything with your mouth from eating, drinking, singing, playing an instrument, or simply holding a conversation without worrying about your teeth flying out of your mouth. Speaking of speech, implants make it easier to talk to others. It replenishes confidence as you don't have to worry about missing teeth, and along with your tongue, it helps you pronounce every day words.


Eating food becomes a lot easier. Not just because it can be properly chewed, but because it can't get stuck in the apparatus. Dental plates, a different kind of dental prosthetic, has the vulnerability that bits of food can get trapped between your gums and the plate. This causes lots of discomfort.


Despite implants acting as natural teeth, they cannot get cavities. Although cavities are impossible to get with dental implants, as cavities are formed in biological bone and implants are synthetic, you should go to the dentists regularly to get your teeth cleaned.


Dental implants have an impressive track record of being long lasting. The only regular maintenance is re-adjustments by the discretion of your dentists. Because they are more predictable dentists can solve most issues associated with it. This means that even in the worse situations, if something can go wrong, the dentist will know how to handle it. Another area dental implant thrive, is endodontic therapy. This is the re-treatment of failing root canal.


The only setback of dental implants is the installation. The thought of a drill being using on your mouth may seem a bit uncomfortable, but it is necessary for the process. The most important part in getting an implant installed is marking where the implant will go. Different things need to be considered when installing an implant. Forces made during chewing, the angle and position of nearby teeth, and other bio-mechanical forces are considered. Special computed tomographies are created via CAD diagrams. These are 3D simulated models that are used to test the potential environment of the tooth.


Finally, the health of the person and the area that is being considered for implantation is examined as it requires a certain level of healthy gingiva and bone. After the implant is installed, the final prosthetic is affixed to the apparatus. Depending on personal preference, the prosthetic installed (denture, crown, etc.) can be installed with the option of it being fixed or removable. Screws are used to hold a prosthetic in place when it isn't removable, however when it is removable, an adapter is placed so the prosthetic can be removed as the patient's discretion. In either case, the prosthetic will still be unmovable while correctly placed.


All in all, implants are a wonderful alternative to other dental prosthesis. Because it can be used in conjunction with other prosthesis, it is the optimal choice for comfort and long lasting satisfaction.


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