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White Fillings

Tal Lewinger - Friday, January 29, 2016

One common dental procedure to which almost everyone can relate is Fillings. Many people have had one or two fillings in their lifetime. It is very likely that you might also have has a couple of fillings and you might even need more. It is very clear that the metal or amalgam fillings may prove to be quite an eyesore in the mouth. On the other hand we have white fillings, which contain glass and plastic which can be used for the restoration of the teeth with decay or cavities. These white fillings are more generally preferred by the patients due to their better appearance. Instead of having a metallic piece in black or grey color making one look like the terminator, white fillings which blend well with the color of the teeth surrounding them are a better option aesthetically. They help to keep the smile natural.




The major benefit of the white fillings is that they look good. As they are white in color, they are much less visible then the metal fillings. White fillings may even be matched with the natural color of a person’s teeth. These fillings contain much cheaper materials than gold. Another important benefit of the white fillings is that they bond to your tooth and help support the remaining structure of tooth. It helps in prevention of further tooth decay or breakage. Sometimes the patients also experience less tooth sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures with white fillings. Another great benefit of these white filling is that they can usually be done in a single appointment, thus saving the hassle of going to the dentist again and again.




With many benefits, white fittings do have some drawbacks as well. The patient may feel some level of postoperative sensitivity with the white fillings; however the sensitivity is usually over in a couple weeks. White fillings are obviously more susceptible to get stained compared to the ceramic fillings. Certain beverages such as tea and coffee, cigarettes and staining foods can alter the color of these composite fillings over a period of time. Durability is another drawback of white fillings. The gold, silver and ceramic fillings are usually much more durable than the white fillings, particularly if they are used to fill larger cavities.


The Procedure:


The fillings can usually be completed in a single session with the dentist. Once the tooth is prepared, the dentist will use the layers of composite in order to fill the cavities. Each layer is usually hardened by using a specialized light. Once the fillings are in place, the dentist then shapes the composite in order to match it with the bite and shape of the teeth. As a final step, the teeth are polished which improves their appearance and also prevents them from wear and tear, and staining.

 They are quite a cheaper alternative to the gold or ceramic fillings. 


If you are planning to get white fillings or your amalgam fillings replaced with white resin or ceramic fillings, Marketplace Dentistry is the ideal place. You can be sure of expert level professional treatment for your teeth in a relaxing environment.


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