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What is a Porcelain Veneer

Tal Lewinger - Friday, June 01, 2018


What is a Porcelain Veneer?


One of the miracles of the modern cosmetic dentistry is Porcelain Veneer. It is a delicate, thin shell of white porcelain which can be matched with the shade of the teeth and can be permanently bonded with the front surface of a tooth. They look very real and have the same thickness as that of contact lens. This means that porcelain veneer provides instant results without any hassle or discomfort which is often associated with some other procedures, such as crowns and braces.


Porcelain Veneers will not be visible in your smile. Just like your tooth, the light shines on the porcelain, will travel through the top layers which is translucent and is reflected off from the second layer, which bonding responsible for keeping the porcelain veneer bonded with the tooth. Light is not able to travel through this bonding, just like the dentin present in a natural tooth, so light bounces back, resulting in the same pearly sheen which our teeth have. Your smile will be just as natural as before!


Shape of Porcelain Veneer will be different for different defects. In case the problem is uneven teeth, the porcelain veneer will be designed in such as way so as to fix the slightly shorter tooth, making it line up at same height with the other teeth. In case the defect is a tooth which is slightly crooked, a slightly thicker veneer shape will be used at one side in order to give a straight front area for that tooth. Porcelain veneer is great for repairing the defects of teeth.


An Easy, In Office Procedure:


Only two visits are required for procedure of Porcelain veneers. The first visit involves preparation of your teeth and taking an impression of the mouth. This impression is then sent to the lab at which the Porcelain Veneers are specifically made according to your particular needs. Temporary veneers are provided for the time you have to wait until your second visit.


During the second visit to the cosmetic dentist, the porcelain veneers prepared for you are fixed temporarily to your teeth. They are then fine-tuned and after that permanently bonded. You should keep this in mind that it is very important to have a permanent and strong bond, so that porcelain veneer becomes a part of the tooth and look like natural teeth.

To get more information on Porcelain Veneers, feel free to consult our expert staff at Marketplace Dentistry. Your perfect smile is important to us.



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