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Smile Makeover in Vaughan

Tal Lewinger - Friday, February 24, 2017

In case you are familiar with the term ‘smile makeover’ then it is likely that you would know that a trip to the dentist nowadays is a far cry from what this trip used to be like. Now one does not have to wait for long times in waiting rooms followed by a dentist wearing white mask using a machine which reminds of some construction yard, to drill in various teeth.The advancement of cosmetic dentistry and the potential benefits it brings with itself are an important reason for this change.


During the last decade particularly the number of people going for cosmetic dentistry has increased steadily. In addition to this increase, the field of cosmetic dentistry has gone trogh a huge number of improvements in what it can offer to people. ‘Smile makeover’ is the treatment which best exemplifies this improvement in cosmetic dentistry.

You might not be familiar with the term smile makeover and you may ask what it is. Well, it is the process of improving ones smile by using one or more of the treatments of cosmetic dentistry. This may range from dental veneer to teeth whitening, and is necessarily something which people like to get instead of being forced by need to have, such as a full reconstruction of mouth.


However, a smile makeover, or similar treatments of cosmetic dentistry are not only chosen by the people who have an ambition to look better than they are. Most of the time the reason that people choose a smile makeover treatment or other treatments of cosmetic surgery is so that they can be more comfortable about their appearance, which helps them to improve self-confidence.


A person’s facial appearance is kept in consideration while performing a smile makeover. This facial appearance includes a person’s hair color, skin tone, lips and the length, width, color and the shape of the teeth. One thing which is particularly important during the evaluation stage and for preparation of different procedures like bridges, crowns, veneers and composite bonding, is the tooth color and shading. For instance, stained and discolored teeth, suggest an aged mouth, on the other hand a whiter smile may provide the whole face with a more youthful appearance. Spacing and alignment are also taken into consideration in order to straighten the teeth which appear crooked or the ones which overlap or those which have gaps between them.


Missing teeth may also be rectified by a smile makeover. This reduces risk of getting tooth decay and it can also improve one’s bite. A fuller smile may also be provided by a smile makeover, through rejuvenation of the cheeks and lips with the use of orthodontics. These mentioned procedures have to be customized in accordance with the particular needs of the person receiving a smile makeover.


Yet, smile makeovers are not only a case of having white teeth and filling the gaps between teeth. Aesthetic components are also taken in to consideration. It means that tooth proportions, tooth length, texture, the ‘smile line’ (It is an imaginary line which follows the edges of one’s upper teeth from side to side) and characterization are all taken into consideration.

The great thing about smile makeovers is that they can last for a number of years if the patient is regular with his oral hygiene appointments. Smile makeover may require some maintenance like repeating the procedure of teeth whitening occasionally in order to make sure that the brightness doesn’t fade away. However you will be best advised about the longevity of the makeover by your cosmetic dentist, upon first evaluation. 


At Marketplace Dentistry you can be sure to receive the best treatments as well as regular checkup to keep your teeth healthy and to enjoy a perfect smile.




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