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What is a dental crown or bridge?

Tal Lewinger - Friday, December 11, 2015


A perfect smile is priceless. People with great smiles are considered to be more attractive and it also gives a friendly look. Smiles affect our everyday lives in a huge way. Can you imagine a world without smile? How often it has happened to you that someone passes a great smile and it lifts you up for the rest of the day? Well we don’t really notice much but undoubtedly there is a great importance of smiles in our lives. At Marketplace Dentistry we ensure you keep smiling perfectly and we have the best solutions to give you that perfect, attractive and confident smile.


Dentists around the world do their best to make sure that people have excellent teeth health and they take pride in their teeth. Bridges and crowns have proven to be very worthwhile investments in the dentistry field over the years.

It doesn’t matter what kind of tooth problem you are facing, whether a fractured, discolored, unevenly spaced, or weak teeth, as long as you receive the right dental care and right dental advice, it can get fixed depending on the needs. The best place to seek right care and advice for your teeth is Marketplace Dentistry. You can get a bridge or a crown to do the trick for you.



 The first and most important thing is that you understand what a crown is. It can be described as a cap for a spoiled tooth, in the lay man’s language. Crowns can come in a number of different materials according to the needs. They range from Gold to porcelain.

It is quite important that you get the right crown with the right color in order to complement the natural smile. In case you are one of those adventurous and bold guys, you might fancy having a golden tooth.



 Sometimes there are uneven spaces in between dentition due to loss of teeth and they are a recipe for bad bites. The role of bridges is to replace missing teeth. They also play the role of preventing the good teeth from shifting by drifting into the spaces created by the missing teeth, as this can cause more trouble to your gums and promote tooth decay which can lead to even more teeth being lost.

Just like crowns, bridges also come in different materials. The most common crowns are ceramic or porcelain. Receiving the right kind of dental care and getting the right crowns or bridges fitted from the Marketplace Dentistry is a great way to replace missing teeth.


Implant supported bridge:  Implants can support from 1 to 12 missing teeth.  Depending on how many teeth are missing the correct amount of implants are placed and teeth are attached to them.  The implants can be made from Titanium or from Zirconia depending on the situation and the wishes of the patient.


Don't hesitate to call 905-303-6080 and ask for a consultation with Dr. Tal Lewinger regarding replacing your missing teeth.   His office Marketplace Dentistry has wone the Best of Vaughan award twice in a row.  He is located in Maple and serves the surrounding communities of Thornhill, Vaughan and Richmond Hill.



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