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Top 10 Reasons to Join a Dental Health Insurance Plan

Tal Lewinger - Friday, December 16, 2016

You always hear just how important it is to get medical insurance. It is important in case of an emergency so that you can better afford your bills. But there are so many other reasons that you should have medical insurance. Now, you may not have considered just how important it is to get dental insurance. Here are 10 reasons for you to make sure that you have dental insurance.


  • 1.Costs
  • One of the biggest reasons for getting dental insurance is because it is incredibly cost effective to do so. Dental insurance, much like medical insurance, will help you to reduce costs of care. It can cover things like cleaning and x-rays so you don’t even have to pay for these things. It can also reduce the costs of your other dental needs.
  • 2.Emergencies
  • You get medical insurance because you know that sometimes things happen and you want to be covered for when they do. Dental insurance can also be very helpful here. Rather than paying thousands of dollars when something happens unexpectedly, you can save a fortune thanks to dental insurance.
  • 3.Preventative Care
  • As previously mentioned, you can get a lot of free preventative care thanks to insurance. Every 6 months, you will get a free cleaning and once a year you get free x-rays. Because you are going to save money on preventative care, you are more likely to get it, which is just another reason why you should get dental insurance.
  • 4.Screened Dentists
  • Another great thing about dental insurance is that you have a set of dentists that you have to choose from, which seems like a pain but it also means that you are only getting dentists that have been pre-screened by the insurance company. This will generally mean a higher quality of care.
  • 5.Dependents
  • If you think paying for dental needs for yourself is expensive, imagine how expensive it is when you pay for your children. Preventative care like cleanings and x-rays are also free for them but by keeping up with these things you can prevent more expensive things for them later on.
  • 6.Better for Overall Health
  • Because you are going to the dentist regularly thanks to your dental insurance, your overall health will be positively affected by this. Dental care is linked to your overall health so if your teeth are healthy, you are less likely to suffer from a variety of conditions.
  • 7.Increased Likelihood to Visit the Dentist
  • You are paying for dental insurance, which means that you are going to be more likely to get your money’s worth by getting your free visits. Plus, you will be less afraid about the bill you get after going because you know your dental insurance will help cover these costs.
  • 8.Easy to Get
  • You can very easily get insurance through your work but it is also very easy to get if you need to get your own private dental insurance.
  • 9.Previous Work
  • What you may not know is that a lot of insurances cover dental work that was done previously but has now broken. Say you had a crown put in and it cracked. Dental insurance will help you keep these costs low as well.
  • 10.Better Quality of Life
  • By going to the dentist regularly, you are going to prevent things like tooth aches that will cause problems for you down the line. These are things that can get worse over time and affect how you live your everyday life.


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