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Tobacco & Your Teeth - What Are The Real Effects?

Tal Lewinger - Saturday, August 13, 2016

Most of us are well aware that things like cigarettes and tobacco can be damaging to our overall oral health. But hearing that phrase repeated again and again can lose its effect after awhile. What does tobacco actually do to your teeth? Let’s take a closer look at some of the common oral side effects of regular tobacco use.


Teeth staining: One of the earliest, and most noticeable issues with tobacco is that is causes your teeth to become stained. You’ll likely notice a yellowing of your teeth all over, but especially in the areas where the tobacco is mostly exposed. It can also discolor your gums if you leave it ‘tucked’ between your lip.


Tooth loss: Stains seem pretty minor when you consider that tobacco can actually also cause tooth loss. It can wear down the teeth so badly that it can cause them to become infected, or rotten. In these cases, the teeth will likely either rot out on their own, or will need to be extracted by a dentist to prevent additional mouth diseases.


Gum disease & cancer: Of course, speaking of mouth diseases, tobacco is a leading cause of things like gum disease, and even oral cancer. There is a lack of oxygen to the mouth when tobacco is tucked within it, and with regular use, it doesn’t allow your teeth and gums time to ever ‘heal,’ which can lead to an entrapment of bacteria and infection. This can lead to incredibly serious issues. Oral cancer is a huge threat to smokers and tobacco users alike, and like just about any other cancer, it can sometimes be fatal.


For some, tobacco use is a habit, while for others it can be more of an addiction. But, it’s important to consider the side effects and potential harm you could be causing right at the source when you decide to chew: How is it damaging your teeth?


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