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The 3 Finest Ways to Replace Multiple Missing Teeth Efficiently

Tal Lewinger - Friday, May 04, 2018

When you are a child and you lose a tooth it’s exciting but when they start falling out as an adult it isn’t much fun and we don’t get anymore that grow back in its place. It can wreak havoc on your smile and lower your confidence when talking to people. There are various reasons why we suffer tooth loss during adult hood like dental disease, trauma or a tooth doesn’t get its support from the surround teeth therefore it can cause structural stress resulting in the tooth falling out.Tooth loss needs to be seen to before it gets worse and starts to affect the surrounding teeth.


These are common ways to avoid the missing teeth spots and a way to restore your confidence.


A bridge


A bridge is good for replacing just one tooth. Its permanent so not like dentures where you have to take them in and out. You will still need to floss underneath it when you’re doing your oral hygiene.
This is an artificial tooth that connects to the surrounding teeth and looks just like them so when you smile and talk it isn’t noticeable at all.This is a great option for those who don’t need other teeth replaced just the one where it noticeable.


A partial denture


This is a removable tooth as such that can replace one to several of your teeth.
A full denture will replace all of the teeth in your mouth. The dentures look natural and you can’t tell they are dentures and with the framework being made by metal they are very durable and strong. You can chew food as you normally would however you may need to avoid sticky foods that can move the dentures around your mouth. Both partial and the full dentures will need to be taken out of the mouth at night cleaned and soaked in a cleaner or water if preferred while you are resting.
Dentures can cause rubbing and create ulcers in the mouth so just be aware of this and have a chat to your dentist about how you can avoid this.




Implants are most common and most preferred for when you need to replace a single tooth. This will depend on how far the damage has gone and the cause, but the implant looks like your real teeth and is places, so it doesn’t touch the teeth next to it.A metal post is placed into the bone then a crown is placed on top of it. Implants can last a significant time if looked after properly and you see your dentist regularly for a general checkup.Some people have reported having their implants for life this however depends on the person and the oral hygiene that is performed.


With using one of these three methods for replacing teeth you will have you beautiful smile shining again.




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