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Seniors And Oral Health

Tal Lewinger - Friday, June 10, 2016

Oral health care as a whole is in a better place than ever before. People are keeping their actual, natural teeth longer than ever, and that generally means people are taking better care of their overall oral health. But, our mouths change as we get older, and seniors can sometimes have a difficult time finding the right ways to continue proper oral health care. It takes a little bit of adaptation to keep up with the changes we go through as we age, but with a little bit of knowledge, and a few helpful tips, there’s no reason seniors can’t have excellent oral health, no matter their age!


What Can Seniors Do For A Healthy Mouth?


Introduce Fluoride - As we age, our mouth tends to dry out faster, and more often. Using a toothpaste that includes fluoride, or adding it to your oral health routine can help to combat this.


●Hydrate - Along the same lines as introducing fluoride to your routine, it’s important to keep your mouth hydrated. This can mean something as simple as drinking more water, to chewing sugarfree gum, sucking on mints, etc. If you find that dry mouth is a bigger problem than it should be as you age, talk to a dentist or your doctor about possible medical solutions that may be able to help.


●Reduce Plaque & Risk For Disease - It’s important to continue to practice the best daily oral hygiene habits you can, and this includes reducing the effects of plaque, which can help to fight against gum disease, and other illnesses. In fact, diseases that begin in the mouth have been linked to things like heart attacks, strokes, and dementia in seniors, so making sure your mouth stays healthy with regular brushing and use of an antibacterial mouthwash can help to fight back against these potential problems.

Keeping a healthy mouth never goes out of style, no matter your age!


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