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Root Canal Treatment

Tal Lewinger - Friday, November 06, 2015

Root canal treatment is very common dental procedure which is many dentists often fail to explain well. There is a popular belief that many dentists carry out the root canal treatment when there is absolutely no need for it. Root canal therapy is necessary to prevent jaw or face infection! 


What is root canal?


A funnel-shaped channel which is full of soft tissue in the middle of a tooth is known as root canal. It runs from the middle of a tooth and goes through the tooth itself and in the root. Root canal is present in all the root stems. The place where the main nerve tissue is found in the tooth is the pulp chamber which is in the middle of the crown. The pulp is what gets infected first in the tooth and the infection often spreads to the bone, face,sinus or even the eye! 


Is root canal treatment painful?


For some reason, the root canal treatment does not enjoy a good reputation and is considered to be an unpleasant treatment. This might be because the process involves drilling and goes down to the root of the teeth, sounding quite painful. However, the root canal treatment is carried out only under a local anesthetic and in most of the cases, is not really different to the process of getting a filling done. In some cases, the patient might feel some sensation because the treatment includes the removal of the nerve endings resulting in moderate level of pain for a couple of days after the procedure.


Dr. Lewinger is highly proficient in root canal therapy, and he enjoyes saving his patients teeth by performing them. If you have a toothache don't hesitate to call 905-303-6080 to book an appointment today.  


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