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Root Canal Treatment and Do I Need To Consider

Tal Lewinger - Friday, August 25, 2017

Root canal treatments are a relatively safe procedure. However, that does not mean there is no chance that something will go wrong. You may think immediately of a procedure that is going to hurt a lot. Root canal treatments are not as painful as you may think they are while you are obsessing over getting one. As simple as a root canal can be, there are some complications that can arise from this procedure. Understanding this will let you know if something is wrong so that you can go back to the dentist before the problems get worse.


For the most part, you will not experience a lot of pain during or after this procedure. There is a chance for pain after the fact. Think about it: a root canal treatment requires you to repair the root of your tooth which can mean that there is a lot of drilling involved in the process. This pain will typically just be somewhere between a dull ache to a slight pain, but this pain will not be as bad as you expect. If the pain is so severe that over-the-counter medicine does not help or it lasts for a few days, this could mean there is something wrong.


There is also a risk that the dentist does not remove the entire root, which is necessary to properly treat the tooth. This can lead to infection spreading to the healthy parts of your tooth or to any of your other healthy teeth. This may also lead to infection in the bone in the jaw, causing more serious problems. If there is a crack in the tooth that was not noticed by the dentist or if they caused the crack themselves, this will also cause bacteria to spread in your tooth. There can also be a problem with the materials that they use in your tooth. If the materials that they used to fill or seal your tooth are not made of quality materials, it can break or erode at a quicker rate. This could leave you at risk for getting bacteria in the tooth, causing another infection and causing the need for your root canal to be redone. There are other parts of the tooth that needed repair that was not properly repaired, which can lead to all of these same problems.


It can be essential for you to find a reputable facility to get your root canal treatment because this will reduce the risk of the tooth becoming infected again and require you to get the procedure redone or lose the tooth entirely. Even still, you may not be able to avoid all of these risks. It is important that you are aware of these risks so that you can make informed decisions about the treatment as well as allowing you to be aware of what to look out for when you get a root canal done. You can rest assured that this is a very safe treatment that will help you save your tooth and get back to your life.


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