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Porcelain Veneers Vs Resin Veneers: Which Veneers Are Best?

Tal Lewinger - Friday, August 24, 2018

Dental veneers are shells of tooth-coloured material that fit over the top of your natural teeth. They help to alter the visual appearance of your smile by changing the shape or colour of your teeth.


If you have crooked, broken, stained or misshapen teeth, or you have gaps in your smile that you are unhappy with. Veneers can be a great choice for improving the look of your teeth and giving you the confidence that comes with a great smile.


Two of the most popular types of veneer are those made from porcelain and those made from composite resin. And if you’re thinking of investing in a smile makeover you may be asking yourself which of the two is best?


Porcelain veneers


If you go with porcelain veneers you will find that they are very robust. Once they are bonded to a healthy tooth they can last for many years (on average 10-15) so long as they are properly cared for.


The porcelain used for veneers is translucent and reflects the light in a similar way to natural teeth. Which makes it look very close in appearance to a real tooth in a way that is not possible with other materials.


Porcelain is also very stain resistant, so if you are a smoker, or enjoy eating or drinking dark coloured foods and beverages (like coffee), this is the material for you.


They also allow the veneer to be fitted with minimal removal of the natural tooth. And are kind to gums, meaning the health and comfort of your mouth won’t be compromised by adding veneers.


Resin Veneers

Resin veneers have the advantage of being made at the dental surgery, so they can be fitted in one trip. If you hate the dentist then going with a resin option will get the treatment out of the way quicker than porcelain veneers that typically require two visits.


Furthermore, if you are looking for the least expensive way to fix your smile, composite resin is a cheaper material to work with than porcelain.


Although, not quite as durable as porcelain (you can expect resin veneers to last up to 8 years). If a veneer made from composite resin becomes damaged it can be repaired, whereas other materials cannot and will need to be replaced.




If you’re looking for a durable solution that will be resistant to staining and are willing to spend a little extra time and money on getting the perfect results, then porcelain veneers are the better option.


However, if you are on a tight budget or time schedule and need your smile fixing quickly and for less money, composite resin serves as an impressive alternative.


Whichever you go with it is important that you research your choice fully beforehand, as veneers are often a lifelong commitment that can’t be undone.



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