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Tal Lewinger - Friday, March 18, 2016


Pediatric dentistry is a subsection of the dentistry which is involved in the treatment of children from birth through the adolescence. Pediatric dentistry is also called pedodontics. It differs a lot from the dentistry of adults due to the fact that adolescents and children are growing, and due to the growth their mouths are also changing. Pedodontics also focuses on the prevention and understanding the cause of the disease. In Pediatric dentistry it is particularly important to form a relation of trust and confidence with the young patients. Exactly for this reason, Marketplace Dentistry is the ideal place to get treatment for your child. Our friendly professionals ensure that your child feels comfortable and receives the best treatment. The environment is also very uplifting which is quite important for a medical clinic, since young patients and some anxious adults might be a little nervous upon a visit to dentist.


Pediatric dentistry is also more focused on teaching children healthy habits, supervising the mouth health and adapting necessary procedures for the needs of the children, as they develop.


A pediatric dentist is required to get the dental specialty by completing the two years post-doctoral training which focuses on the particular concerns and needs of children. In most developed countries, board certification is provided for pediatric dentists. Also a specialty permit is provided so that the dentist may represent himself as a pediatric dentist.


Teaching children the importance of having healthy teeth is one of the most important parts of this type of dentistry. A lot of effort is put in order to prevent decay of teeth and to teach the children necessary habits and particular behaviors which prevent the gum disease and decay. According to a number of scientific studies a poor oral hygiene is often related to bad social relationships, bad school performance, and certain issues with confidence and self-esteem. So it should not be surprising that the pedodontics are experts in communicating with young patients regarding their eating habits and how can these affect the teeth, flossing and brushing, and general care of teeth.


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