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Pediatric Dentistry

Tal Lewinger - Friday, March 17, 2017

A wide range of techniques, disciplines, skills and procedures are used by pediatric dentists. Many attributes of child dentistry are common with the other branches; however, pediatric dentistry is often adapted and modified in order to meet the requirements of children and in some cases for persons who have special needs of health care. The guidance of behavior, fare for developmentally and medically compromised patients and oral growths supervision are all important to pediatric dentistry. Furthermore, even some of the procedures for treatment of children are quite different from that of adults; one such example of the number of procedures which are significantly different for children and adults is pharmacology.


So while pediatric dentistry shares a lot of the fundamentals of great dental practice, some important distinctions are there. Since the children constantly learn and adapt, there is a requirement of more specialized and flexible approach towards caring for children’s oral health. The need for qualified pediatric dentistry is highlighted by some of the facts about children and dental health related to them. Almost 50% children suffer from tooth decay before they reach 5. More than half of this percentage will get to have cavities before they reach second grade. Pediatric dentists may help to promote the oral hygiene in order for the children to grow up carrying healthier and brighter smiles. It should be noted that the having proper dental health can have significant implications for the overall physical and emotional health of children as well as adults. It is important to teach children how they can take care of their teeth and remain healthy.


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