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Oral Hygiene and Your Overall Health

Tal Lewinger - Friday, July 06, 2018

Poor oral hygiene has been linked to a variety of health problems, such as stroke and heart disease. However, you can lessen your risks by improving your oral health.

Your teeth and gum care can have a powerful impact on your overall health. Neglecting your oral hygiene can result in more than just bad breath and sore teeth, it can open the door to a variety of nasty diseases, such as oral cancer. Studies have found connections between unhealthy gums with problem pregnancies, heart disease, stroke, and even bacterial pneumonia. You cannot have an unhealthy mouth and still expect to be healthy overall.


Your Lifestyle and Oral Health


There are a variety of lifestyle factors and dietary habits that can have an effect on your oral hygiene, including the following:

  • Sugar. Indulging in large amounts of sugar in your diet will result in gym problems and tooth decay. This is because bacteria thrive in a sugar environment and produces enzymes and acids that destroy your gums and teeth.
  • Smoking. Experts have long preached about the risks that come with smoking, including tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Tobacco use can cause pharyngeal cancer, throat cancer, and periodontal disease. It also has a nasty habit of staining your teeth, bad breath, and oral cancer.
  • Alcohol. Drinking alcohol contributes to oral problems indirectly as a result of dehydration. It’s the perfect environment for bacteria to run amok. Additionally, people with alcohol problems are less likely to follow a healthy dental routine.
  • Weight changes. When denture wearers experience changes in weight, it can affect how their dentures fit. The same way gaining weight will affect how your clothes fit, it will affect the gum pads, which is where your dentures rest. You can help fight tooth decay by eating high fiber fruits and vegetables, which will also help you maintain a healthy weight.
  • Medication. There are a variety of medications, including antibiotics, that can cause the internal staining of your teeth. It’s all dependent on how old you are when you’re taking the medication. Additionally, there are around 400 medications that are available by prescription and over the counter that cause dry mouth. A dry mouth is far more prone to tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath.



Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life


If you want to maintain your oral health, to maintain your overall health, then it’s important to brush and floss daily, and see your dentist often. Regular checkups will ensure any issues are found early, thus dealt with in a timely manner. Your dentist doesn’t just take care of your teeth, dentists also note differences which could suggest oral cancer and more.

At home, it’s up to you to brush at least twice a day, and floss to prevent the buildup of bacteria and plaque. Your dentist won’t be able to do much for you if you’re neglecting your home dental care.



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