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Maxillofacial Surgery - When To Consider It

Tal Lewinger - Friday, October 14, 2016

Though it’s not a common, everyday dental procedure, more and more people are turning to maxillofacial surgery for common problems that may not have been able to be addressed in previous times. Thanks to advancements in medical technology, and our knowledge of restructuring, this surgery has become more popular than ever before, and it’s ended up solving quite a few problems for people who may have otherwise struggled with oral structuring problems their whole lives.


Simply put, maxillofacial surgery is designed to diagnose and treat both functional and cosmetic issues of the lower facial region, including the teeth, mouth, jaws, etc. Maxillofacial surgeons can actually cover a wide variety of different issues, and are more knowledgeable about facial reconstruction than your average dentist.


Some common reasons to consider this surgery include: The insertion of dental implants, jaw reconstruction after illness, or TMJ, or even having your jaw realigned. Chances are, if you’ve experienced any problems with shifting from your teeth, or jaw issues throughout your life, you may be an excellent candidate for this type of surgery. It’s also common for people who have experienced any kind of trauma to the job to consider maxillofacial surgery, since it can repair the jaw correctly, considering function as well as aesthetics. Maxillofacial surgeons are not plastic surgeons, and they are interested in keeping the integrity of your mouth, teeth, and jaw in tact so you can use them as you always have.


While it’s important to feel comfortable with the way our faces look, and these surgeons take that into account as they do repairs and reconstruction, a maxillofacial surgeon’s biggest concern is always giving as much normalcy back to the individual as possible, allowing them to have full function of their teeth, jaw, etc. again, no matter what.


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