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Is Dental Phobia a Misnomer?

Tal Lewinger - Friday, January 26, 2018


If you fear going to the dentist you are not the only one. Up to 17 % of dental patients in Canada suffer from fear and anxiety before and whilst visiting their dentist.


It is a world wide problem .Often the but of jokes and laughter but to some people it is a very serious problem that can even prevent them from going to the dentist when they really need to. There are several symptoms of Dental Phobia and anxiety all of which can be controlled.


Read through the list below and calm your fears.


Let your Dentist get to know you


One of the most important steps to take is to visit your dentist before an appointment, to make sure him and his staff are aware that you suffer from this phobia. They will then be in a position to suggest various steps that can be taken to reduce your anxieties.


Fear of Pain


This is often the most common reason that patients avoid going to a dentist. It can often be related back to a painful experience when visiting a dentist in early childhood. Also stories told by other people who have retold horror dental stories do not help the fears.


Answer: There has been so many improvements in dentistry over the years that it is possible these days have dental treatment that is virtually pain free Talk to your dentist about your procedure. He can give you details of various anesthetics that can be used that will dull if not remove the pain .


Fear of Injections


Sometimes this can be fear of the actual needle or sometimes that the injection won’t work.


Answer: Talk to your dentist. Nowadays it is possible to rub an anesthetic gel onto the gum before the actual injection which makes this much less painful. The dentist if he is aware of you fears will often mask the injection from you so that you do not see it being applied.


Fear of being out of Control


It is normal to feel this particularly when you are nervous in the dentist’s chair stretching you mouth our eyes often closed.


Answer: Talk to your Dentist. He will help by letting you know about what to expect hopefully reducing your fears. The Dentist can also administer a conscious sedation before any procedure that will relax you but you are still able to answer questions etc.


Fear of the side effects that may result from anesthetic.


Some people worry about how the anesthetic will react with them.


Answer: Most anesthetics these days are so refined that there are very minimal side effects.


Embarrassment loss of personal space:


Many people feel very uncomfortable about having the dentist or oral hygienist so close.


Answer: You can arrange to give your dentist a signal like raising your arm if you wish him to take a break. This way you can feel more in control of your personal space.


Dental Phobia is NOT a misnomer . To some people it is very real. Let your dentist know. Do not wait until your teeth become so damaged that extensive work is required.



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