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How to Choose the Best Dentist in Your Area

Tal Lewinger - Friday, December 02, 2016



Knowing that a dentist is professional and qualified for your dental needs is a great start when trying to find a dentist. Heading to the dentist’s office can make finding this information simple. Often times, the dentist will post licenses and other relevant information on the walls along with other health related information.From home, you can find out information about the dentist through the state dental board’s website.




Listening to what those in the area have to say about the dentists in your area can help the decision process.Knowing about the cleanliness of the facility and the dentist’s concern for your comfort helps you to know where to go. Does the dentist check how you are feeling? Is the dentist known to listen to any issues that you are facing? How comfortable do those that have seen this dentist feel when they are receiving cleanings or procedures?


Reputation of different dental offices can be found online through various different websites. Typing in the name of the office in a search engine can provide necessary reviews. Check for negative reviews and assess why people felt negatively about the location.If there are any negative patterns, consider that a likely factor.


Insurance and Cost


If you have dental insurance, knowing which dentists in the area are covered by your insurance can help narrow down potential options.If uncertain whether or not a particular dentist works with the insurance, simply log in online or call your insurance company to find out if the dentist is in network.

For those without dental insurance, or still needing to pay for particular things out of pocket, knowing the pricing of the dental office can play an important role in selecting a dentist. Asking for quoted costs for your procedural needs can help narrow the search.




If you are working during the week, it is important to find a dentist with hours that work with your schedule. Some dentists offer later hours or weekend hours to ensure those that work during the week are still able to head to their dental appointments.




When looking for a dentist, consider whether you would prefer a location that is close to your home or close to your workplace. If you are likely to be leaving work to head to the dentist, finding an office closer to work can make it easier to find appointments available during open business hours.Consider the distance of each dentist you are looking at and decide what seems most convenient for you.


Have a Consultation


By meeting with the dentist ahead of time, you can interview the dentist and learn all relevant information prior to procedure. You can find out the dentist’s backstory, including what schools were attended and how long they have been practicing in their field. This consultation can help you get a better understanding of your comfort with the dentist, as you can assess their willingness to sit down and talk with you about your dental needs. Learn more about Dr Tal Lewinger from Marketplace Dentistry.


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