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Gum Disease Treatment

Tal Lewinger - Saturday, January 02, 2016

Dentists can choose non-surgical or a surgical treatment option in case a patient is diagnosed with gum disease (periodontal disease). This disease is mainly caused by bacteria which are present in the form of a colorless, sticky plague which forms constantly on the teeth. Professional cleaning and regular visits to dentist are made necessary as a result of it.


According to the AAP treatment guidelines, in order to achieve and maintain the periodontal health, those options should be used which are least invasive and cost effective. Scaling and root planning is one such non-surgical treatment which is both less invasive and cost effective. It is actually a careful cleaning of the surfaces of the roots in order to get rid of bacterial toxins. An adjunctive therapy follows the scaling and root planning. The adjunctive therapy may include host modulations and delivery of antimicrobials depending on the case.

Most dentists agree that after receiving the procedure of scaling and root planning majority of patients don’t require further active treatment. However, most of the patients will need ongoing additional maintenance therapy in order to sustain the health. The non-surgical options of treatment have some limitations and in case the non-surgical treatment procedures are unable to achieve periodontal health of the patient, a surgery might be required for the restoration of periodontal anatomy which was damaged as a result of periodontal diseases.


In case a patient is diagnosed periodontal disease, there might be a need for a treatment plan which is more complex and the dentist can recommend periodontal surgery. The surgery becomes necessary in case the dentist finds out that there are unhealthy tissues around your teeth which cannot be repaired by the use of non-surgical options for treatment. Following are the four most prescribed types of surgical treatments:


  • -Pocket Reduction Procedures
  • -Crown Lengthening
  • -Regenerative Procedures
  • -Soft Tissue Grafts


In addition of treating the periodontal disease and to maintain the overall periodontal health many dentists perform surgeries in order to enhance the smile of a patient as well. Often the patients, who choose cosmetic procedures, notice an improvement in function as well. Ridge Augmentation, Soft tissue grafts and crown lengthening are included in cosmetic procedures. By choosing Marketplace Dentistry you can be sure of a perfect smile and excellent periodontal health.


At Marketplace Dentistry we consider it our responsibility to keep you smiling, healthy and vibrant. We offer a variety of services ranging from prevention, diagnosis, to cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Dr. Lewinger is an experienced dentist who has an exceptional modern facility and friendly staff. You can count on us to receive regular dental checkups in a friendly and stress-free environment. We can also provide you with excellent surgical treatments as well as cosmetic dentistry treatments.



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