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Do You Need a Smile Makeover

Tal Lewinger - Friday, August 17, 2018


Having a great smile is about more than just good oral hygiene. Giving you the confidence shake up you’ve been craving, getting a smile makeover could transform your entire life. With a smile to be proud of, no longer will you be scared to smile or talk to new people, it really does give you a new lease of life. Doing more than simply attacking the worst areas, a smile makeover is a total transformation of your smile and making sure that the problem areas no longer exist and the new areas don’t stick out like a sore thumb.


If your confidence has taken a hit due to the way your teeth look then it sounds like you might be in need of a smile makeover. Something that will put the spring back in your step and stop holding you back from the next step in life. So what is it that a smile makeover can offer in terms of procedures and what will be offered to you? Read on to find out a little more.


If you’re thinking about getting a smile makeover then you’ll see a consultant before anything else. They’ll then tell you what procedures they advise you get for the best results. It might be that you need implants or they just suggest a simple teeth whitening, every mouth is different and every smile is different so there’s no way of knowing what you’ll be getting without seeing a consultant. Some of the most common procedures include:


  • - Teeth whitening
  1. - Bonding
  • - Crowns
  • - Inlays or Onlays
  • - Dental Implants
  • - Alignment

You might only need one procedure or you might need a few but your team will walk you through it and allow sufficient healing between procedures.


A smile makeover will work on the aesthetic side of things and will make your mouth look and feel amazing with more serious procedures such as mouth reconstruction needing medical treatment. Experience dental care workers will, however, be able to fix issues such as serious tooth decay, decay and even gaps. Speak to your consultant and they’ll let you know exactly what they can and can’t offer you.


Once you have had your smile made over then you will feel like a new person but you’ll want the results to last. Looking after your teeth is a vital part of your smile makeover and the aftercare is something that will be covered by your team. In general you have to watch what you eat and drink, trying to avoid tea, coffee and sugary drinks that will stain your teeth and leave them needing work in the future.


A smile makeover can make a massive difference to your level of confidence and you will feel like a new person. Giving you the push to apply for a new job, go on a date or even leave the home for more than just popping to the shops, too often we forget the importance of oral care but there are people who will work with you to fix it and give you a new lease of life.



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