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Direct VS indirect inlays or onlays

Tal Lewinger - Saturday, February 20, 2016

If the inlays and onlays are direct, the dentist will take off the decay which was suffered by the tooth and then he will shape it. Next the dentist is going to put the composite resin on that tooth and then mold it in order to fit the shape of that tooth.After that, the dentist is going to remove it and use a special oven to harden it. The dentist will now cement this hardened inlay on the tooth. Finally this cemented inlay is going to be polished.


The process of putting indirect inlays and onlays is very different form that of direct inlays and onlays. In indirect inlays and onlays the doctor is going to remove the decay. Next he is going to make impression on the tooth which was prepared and its neighboring teeth. This impression will then go to the laboratory. The patient receives a temporary filling at first. The dentist removes this temporary filling during the second visit. After that the dentist will cement the inlay or onlay on the tooth that was damaged. Finally the inlay or onlay is polished. In order to adjust the way in which the teeth come together, the dentist may be required to do little reshaping of the teeth. One important thing which differentiates the direct inlay or onlay with indirect inlay or onlay is that the patient has to visit the dentist only once for the installation of direct inlays or onlays. On the other hand, in case of indirect inlays or onlay the patient will require at least two visits.


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