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Types of Dentures

Tal Lewinger - Friday, September 25, 2015

Prosthetic teeth or dentures are often referred to as false teeth. They are used as a replacement for the diseased or missing teeth. Dentures fit snugly in the patient’s mouth cavity and they are well supported by the hard and soft tissues which surround them.


Need for dentures:


Those people who have lost the teeth or suffer from the ill effects of decayed teeth because of Dentinogenesis imperfects, periodontal disease, etc. are advised by the dentist to have a replacement with a set of dentures. Dentures are advised after all other treatment options have been ruled out.

Teeth not only support cheeks and lips but also give youthful look to a person. Thus having dentures not only allows the patient to masticate or chew food, but they also improve one’s facial appearance significantly.


Types of dentures:


They can be either complete or partial. The specific needs of a patient determine the type of dentures to be used.


Partial dentures:


In case a patient has few missing teeth, partial dentures will be used. The patient can choose from the removable or the fixed ones. In case the patient has lost only one or two teeth, the doctor is most likely to recommend fixed partial denture. It will be in the form of crown and bridge arrangement. The removable ones are similar to the fixed partial dentures. The only difference is that instead of being held in place by crowns, they are held in place by clips.


Complete dentures:


Complete dentures will be used in case the entire set of teeth in the upper jaw or the lower jaw is to be replaced. Complete dentures have 4 kinds. These are immediate dentures, standard dentures, Cu-Sil dentures, and implant retained dentures.


Immediate dentures:


Immediate dentures are also known as temporary dentures. It usually takes a couple of appointments to have immediate or temporary dentures ready for fitting.

Standard dentures:


These are made for people who have lost their entire set of teeth. It usually takes about four appointments to get the immediate dentures ready for fitting.


Cu-Sil dentures:


Cu-Sil denture contains holes in them and is surrounded by gasket of silicone rubber. This adheres to natural surrounding natural teeth and allows the denture to rest on gums. Cu – Sil dentures help in stabilization of loose teeth and also extend their life.


Implant retained dentures:


The implants have a titanium or Zirconia screw which is fitted in a hole drilled in the underlying bone in order to secure position of the tooth. This can be quite an expensive procedure, but it also enhances retention.


Porcelain or plastic dentures:


Plastic or porcelain can be used for the making of denture teeth. Porcelain is a better option as it matches with the natural teeth and porcelain teeth last longer as well. However, dentists advise their patients to have plastic teeth because of some valid reasons. Porcelain teeth are set on a base of plastic. The porcelain teeth may begin to fall off the base after some time. Also, in case a person still has some natural teeth, porcelain may begin to wear down these natural teeth, making them weak and misshapen over the years.


Common Problems with dentures:


When a set of new dentures or braces is inserted in the human mouth, the brain thinks of it as food. This results in an increase of salivary secretions. It requires some time for the human body to adjust to this change. New dentures may also cause mouth sores. Gagging may also be experienced by some patients. These problems often tend to go away with necessary adjustments by dentist.





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