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Dental Emergency

Tal Lewinger - Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Dental Emergency – Your tooth has been knocked out, now what?

You had a tooth knocked out, now what?Your tooth could have the most effective possibility of surviving if you call and see a dental professional within 1 hour of the incident – and so call your dental office promptly to get an appointment as soon as possible.


In the meantime you need to take care of the displaced tooth simply by its crown (the top); certainly not by its root (the pointed part on the bottom).It is imperative NOT to touch the root area, as you can damage the cells which are essential to reattach your tooth on the bone.


Taking care of your tooth, you will need to carefully rinse your tooth with water to eliminate dirt.Do NOT scrub!


After the tooth is clean, place your tooth inside your mouth between your cheek and gums in order to maintain its moisture.If this is impossible to do, you will need to place the tooth inside a clean cloth or perhaps gauze, and immerse it in milk or even saline solution (used for contact lenses).


Should this be a baby tooth that has been knocked out, this type of tooth should not be replanted.Nonetheless, your baby/child really should go to the dentist promptly to make sure absolutely no shattered pieces of the tooth stay in his or her mouth causing more issues.


So in short, please take care of the tooth carefully and call us here at Marketplace Dentistry 905-303-6080 for immediate, professional assistance with your dental emergency.


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