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Childhood Dental Trauma

Tal Lewinger - Friday, September 11, 2015

Generally, one should distinguish between childhood dental traumas to adult tooth accidents. Regardless of age, the general condition of day to day life can make any person prone to becoming victims of accidents. As with most injuries: when in doubt, seek medical advice immediately.

Dental injuries could be divided as such: as a dentine fracture and a dentine fracture with a dental nerve injury.

A tiny isolated fracture which is not sensitive to hot or cold does not require immediate treatment, as a rule. The indication for immediate treatment of isolated fractures arises mostly from aesthetics and from subjective disturbing emotions of the victim. Frequently the tooth fracture is in the esthetic zone and/or when the fracture gap rubs the lip, tongue, or cheeks because of a sharp melting edge. The treatment is carried out with special tooth coloured dental filling materials which matches the colour of the tooth almost exactly.  At Marketplace Dentistry we carry almost every possible tooth colour for better matching of a fractured tooth.  
A dental nerve opening due to trauma may require a speedy dental treatment. The exposed dentin may be sensitive to cold or hot. The greater the dentine fracture is the more dentin (yellowish dentin) is consequently exposed, and the more quickly the treatment should be conducted. Depending on the size of the fracture, plastics, veneers, partial and full crowns may be used. Often, the dentine will be treated by the dentist with special medications and/or chemicals. The tooth may be sensitive to such treatment for a few days. A bi-annual regular inspection for at least 3 years should be made with the dentist even when asymptomatic after a dentin fracture. The dentist makes a cold test and checks the health of the nerve. 

Dental nerve opening requires immediate dental consultation. Depending on the opening, duration of opening, contamination of the wound size is carried out. An overlap of the dental nerve tissue with a medication and reconstruction of the tooth root is the immediate treatment of choice to rebuild the tooth. 
In the root canal treatment of deciduous teeth (baby teeth), no permanent root filling material permanent filling material is used, since the primary tooth root are absorbed during the change of teeth.Often the dentist will opt to remove severely fractured baby teeth, in order to protect the permanent teeth from damage do to infection.Furthermore children often have to go to sleep to tolerate a root canal procedure and this may not be advisable or practical.  


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