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Ceramic Implants in Canada

Tal Lewinger - Thursday, June 18, 2015


Ceramic Implants in Canada

Removal of people’s teeth is highly recurrent and this is because of gum diseases and generally low dental health. It probably feels like leaving the empty tooth space in your mouth is not so serious, but the repercussion of leaving them empty can be daring. Some of the consequences include:


  • . It is natural that the teeth adjacent to the gap could change position to cover the gap
  • . Your missing tooth’s root can result in your jawbone shrinking, making you look older
  • . A gap in the front of your mouth can ruin your smile and thereby affect your self-confidence.


In several occasions, a dental implant looks the most appropriate solution for a missing tooth. A complete ceramic dental crown or dental bridge, secured to a dental implant, provides an appropriate and lovely solution for your smile and self confidence. A dental implant not only covers the space left by the missing tooth, it helps prevent consequences listed above.


All-ceramic dental crown on an all-ceramic dental implant


A dental crown on a dental implant is arguably your best solution if you have just one missing tooth.


Just like the natural root, a dental implant gives the proper foundation for a dental crown, in this case, an all-ceramic dental crown. Note that an all-ceramic dental crown on an all-ceramic dental implant feels very much like the missing old tooth in terms of looks and functions. The CeraRoot implant system is the foremost implant system to ever provide a metal-free implant and restorative solutions.


Inquire from your dentist if you can use a CeraRoot dental implant and all-ceramic dental crown.

All-ceramic dental bridge on all-ceramic dental implants


If you’re missing more than a single tooth, it is likely your dentist recommends a dental bridge. These dental bridges are available in several types. However, one of the best solutions for esthetics and optimal function is an all-ceramic dental bridge on dental implants.


A dental bridge on dental implants can prevent the following:


  • . It could prevent the awkward change in position of the teeth adjacent to the gap. This occurs as a result of the teeth adjacent to the gap trying to cover the open space.
  • . It could prevent your jawbone from shrinking and making you look older than you are.
  • . It could hinder you from having an attractive smile which arises from open tooth gap and therefore preserves your self confidence.


Similar to a natural root, support for a dental bridge is provided by a dental implant, likewise in this case a complete new all-ceramic dental bridge. In terms of looks and functionality, an all-ceramic dental bridge on all-ceramic dental implants is very similar to the original teeth. CeraRoot implant system is the first ever implant system to provide metal-free implant and restorative solutions.


Inquire at Marketplace Dentistry, located in Maple, if you can use an all-ceramic dental crown or Bridge on CeraRoot implants.




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