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Advantages of Crown & Bridge

Tal Lewinger - Thursday, January 07, 2016


When it comes to your heath, caring for the teeth can go a long way. One should take interest in the use of crowns and bridges as they form a very essential part of the regular dental care. You might be wondering why we are putting so much emphasis on crown and bridges.Well, the reason being that crowns and bridges can provide a lasting remedy to some dental problems.


Following are some advantages of Crowns:


  • 1.Since crowns are very strong they last longer than large fillings, making it less likely that they will have to be replaced frequently.  They help prevent teeth from cracking by holding the cusps of the teeth together when they are weakened by tooth decay.  So they are an excellent choice of restoration for teeth with large fillings that are weak,teeth which are broken or teeth which are very dark. 
  • 2.Using crowns and bridges can restore the perfect bite and esthetics, thus improving the aesthetic value of one’s overall look and personality and give a perfect smile.
  • 3.It is quite simple to care for crowns. The only thing required is to brush the teeth regularly and thoroughly in order to avoid the formation of plaque.

Smile has a huge impact on one’s life including social life, career development and the general well-being. So when you feel that you need to get a bridge or a crown, don’t hesitate to visit the Marketplace Dentistry. It is one decision which you will not regret.



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