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A First Trip to the Dentist: What to Expect

Tal Lewinger - Friday, November 25, 2016



For the first trip to the dentist, be ready for your teeth to be thoroughly cleaned. Either the dentist or the dental hygienist performs a thorough cleaning.These cleanings involve removing plaque buildup, checking and caring for cavities, flossing, polishing the teeth, and more.


While caring for problems is important, prevention is the most underrated aspect of going to the dentist.If there are preventative steps that need to be pursued or better at home, the dentist will make recommendations.This can include ensuring you floss daily or that you are brushing your teeth often enough.What the dentist will suggest is dependent upon your daily care and the state of your teeth and gums.




The dentist will come and assess your teeth.This assessment will search for any cavities or signs of gum disease.If there are any issues, they are noted and further treatment is pursued.By finding these issues right away, the dentist saves you from experiencing pain and from getting cavities.

A comprehensive oral exam makes sure there are no issues that you may or may not feel.Sometimes, you are aware of a dental issue due to a sharp pain, discomfort, or sensitivity.Other times, problems are unknown and not felt by patients, and so the dentist is capable of locating these issues and dealing with them before they become a painful problem or more serious health risk.




An x-ray is performed for most of those that come for their first dental appointment.The x-ray is able to tell what may not be visible to the naked eye.This includes seeing whether or not there is trouble hidden beneath the gums.If there are any issues, such as impacted teeth or tumors, the dentist will inform you right away.


There are different x-ray types that can take place.These include:





Cone Beam Computerized Tomography


Each different x-ray type is able to assess a different aspect of the mouth.Whichever x-ray is most appropriate and meets the needs for your first appointment is what will be selected.This can be dependent upon the dentist’s preferences and the current state of your teeth and gums.


Dental Impression


While not always the case, many dentists are interested in having you make a dental impression.This impression would make a recreation of how your teeth and mouth are structured, allowing the dentist to make more accurate evaluations regarding bite.Also, this makes it simple to create any necessary mouthpieces or trays needed for your mouth in the future.




Often, the dental hygienist or dentist will discuss medical and dental history with you for the first visit.By coming up with the most accurate idea of your history, the dentist can ensure that all issues are treated properly and the dentist can know what to look out for.If any records are given to the dentist prior to the appointment, it is likely the dentist will go over this information with you to assure there is complete accuracy.


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