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5 Types of Tooth Whitening Treatments

Tal Lewinger - Friday, May 26, 2017

Have you looked back at your pictures and worry about how yellow your teeth look? If that is the case for you, you will want to know what your options are. There are a variety of different products that promise you results when it comes to whitening. You will want to take a closer look at these options for you to decide which one offers you the best way to get your teeth whitened. Here is a look at these options so you can know which ones you want.


  • 1.Dentist Procedures
  • The dentists have whitening procedures that are sure to get rid of a lot of stains. The problem with these is that not all people are candidates for the bleaching in the dentist’s office. These can also be a bit more on the expensive side, so not everyone can afford them. If you can afford it, this could be the best option for you.
  • 2.Toothpastes
  • There are toothpastes on the market that promise that they can get your teeth back to pearly white. These may or may not be as effective as they promised. You will need to use these 3 times a day, every day, in order for them to be effective. You may also have to use other products like the rinses in order for them to be effective.
  • 3.Gels/Strips
  • You can purchase these gel kits and whitening strips at pretty much any store. You can easily access these items for a lesser price than dentist treatments. You will need to be careful with these items. These may be very difficult for some people to use and gels can be very messy.
  • 4.Rinses
  • Much like with toothpastes, you are getting a cheap and easy option that promises you can get whiter teeth by using this product. This will also need to be used in combined with a whitening toothpaste and used on a daily basis. These rinses may not be quite as effective as some of the other methods but you will still notice a difference using these products.
  • 5.At-Home Whitening Kits
  • At-home whitening kits are pricier at home option than gels and strips, but they are also far more effective than these options. These will include a mouth tray and chemicals that you need to put in your mouth and keep in there for a specific amount of time. You will need to follow these instructions exactly in order for them to be effective. You will also need to do these treatments a few times to achieve the best level of whitening.

These are just a few of the options that are available to you if you are trying to get whiter teeth. Having whiter teeth can help to build up your confidence, allowing you to smile more and just feeling better than yourself. You can talk to your dentist about these options to help you decide which one will be the best one for you.


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