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5 Top Things to Know About Invisalign

Tal Lewinger - Friday, August 31, 2018

Invisalign is Clear


The Invisalign mouthpieces are clear aligners that work to straighten teeth without the necessity for braces.The mouthpieces are little, customized trays that fit over your teeth.While the mouthpieces are clear, they require a great deal of care and cleaning to keep that way.Letting the mouthpieces get dirty can end up leading to unpleasant staining.Discipline and care is

required for Invisalign.


Invisalign is Customized


Invisalign is a custom fit concept.In order to keep Invisalign comfortable and discreet, the mouthpiece fits the exact shape of your mouth.No two Invisalign mouthpieces are the same.Because of the comfort fit of a customized mouthpiece, there is no intense pain when wearing Invisalign.While metal braces lead to uncomfortable wires and discomfort from the tightening process, Invisalign offers a subtle, comfortable alternative to braces.


Invisalign Isn’t Miraculously Fast


Invisalign generally needs to be worn for the majority of the day, and takes a minimum of one year.The more complicated the problem, the more time is required.Invisalign takes approximately as long as metal braces.Very minor problems may not require as long, but that would be up to the orthodontist to decide.


Lots of Time is Required


Invisalign is recommended to be worn 22 hours a day, making it challenging to sit around and snack or spend a long period of time eating meals throughout the day.The less time the Invisalign spends in the mouth, the more time is required for the overall process of realigning the teeth.Heading out to dinner or a movie does not mean being able to leave the Invisalign at home – it needs to be worn all the time!


When choosing Invisalign, it is important to be aware of your ability to stick to the rules. Because the mouthpiece can be removed, it is pure willpower and determination to keep the Invisalign in the mouth all day.Only removing to brush and eat can be a challenge, as it can be tempting to ditch the aligners.

Invisalign can be a better option for adults than for younger adults and children due to the diligence necessary in order to succeed with Invisalign in the intended time frame.


No Limitations on Food


While metal braces require many limitations, there are no limitations on what can and cannot be eaten with Invisalign.The Invisalign mouthpiece is removed each time you eat.There is no need to fret about accommodating the mouthpiece as is necessary with metal braces that cannot be removed for each meal.Popcorn and gooey foods are not off limits!

Many people say that brushing more often becomes common with Invisalign.While you can eat anything, you are more likely to need a good brushing before putting the aligner back into the mouth.Otherwise unwanted foot particles can end up trapped within the mouthpiece and cause unwanted breath problems and stains on the mouthpiece.Careful cleaning of teeth and mouthpiece is important in order to keep the Invisalign clean and beneficial for oral hygiene.


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