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5 Toothbrush Tips to Keep Your Teeth in Shape

Tal Lewinger - Friday, September 08, 2017

We are all guilty of making mistakes in our routine for oral hygiene, but follow these 5 toothbrush tips to keep your teeth in good shape.



This is something else that we have all been guilty of at some point. There was a study that suggested that over half of toothbrushes have fecal matter on them. Why? Because your store your toothbrush in the bathroom, and you leave the lid open when you flush the toilet, thus spraying the contents in every direction and onto your toothbrushes.


So, how can you beat this? Well, putting a lid on them can encourage the growth of mold and bacteria, so that isn’t a wise option. Consider storing it in your medicine cabinet, and if you don’t have a medicine cabinet, then keep it safe on your nightstand. This is especially important if you share a bathroom, because you may put the lid down before you flush, but that doesn’t mean your roommate, partner, or children will.




The average lifespan of a toothbrush is around three months. Think about it, it is used seven days a week, and at least twice a day. So, it’s important that you change it regularly to get the best from it. If you’re a rough brusher you may need to change it even more regularly, as soon as you see fraying bristles or bristles that appear to be worn out.


Once your toothbrush has been used for a few months it starts to accumulate food particles, and thus bacteria. If you have trouble remembering when to change it, try marking it on your calendar, or changing it with the seasons.




If you think that you can’t live without a medium or hard bristle, then think again. If your bristles are too rough they’ll hurt your gums. Always choose extra soft or soft bristles then you will be in good shape, you’re not trying to buff them, only dislodge food particles. A harder bristle can remove your teeth’s protective enamel, causing sensitive gums and teeth.




The right way to brush is in a circular motion, not back and forth. Circles are more effective and gentle in cleaning between your teeth. You should be making contact with your teeth and your gum line. Don’t press too hard when, simply use a light touch. Using wide strokes side to side can scrape the lining between the gums and the teeth.


When it comes to brushing behind the bottom and front teeth, give your brush a slight tilt and opt for rolling strokes using only the front half of your toothbrush. You shouldn’t brush so hard that the bristles of your toothbrush bend.




Always brush at a 45-degree angle, using those short circular strokes. This angle is the most effective for proper cleaning. Brushing at this angle provides you with effective cleaning both below the gum line and above it. Ensuring that you properly clean the gun line will help you avoid discoloration, cavities, and gum disease.


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