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5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Brush

Tal Lewinger - Friday, December 22, 2017

Making children brush their teeth is a bit of a hassle because, as youngsters, they can be rebellious. Two things happen: they will rush in the brushing and not capture everything or they will simply chew on the brush and absorb the paste, neglecting other areas. Parents need help to convince them that oral hygiene is very important. It isn’t something that the kids will necessarily learn on their own. However, don’t completely annoy them on this little thing because they will never do it out of defiance. Here is what to do to help kids with their brushing.


Pick A Toothpaste Not Strong


Sometime, toothpaste can be too strong for the kids’ liking, giving them a reason not to use it. So, buy a kind that is less strong and tastes very well, such as bubble gum, for children to get into. There are toothpastes that are made for kids and is packaged in an attractive way to get the kids into tooth brushing.


Pay It Forward Brush…


…As in rewarding them for their behavior by following hygiene protocol. Pay them for listening and doing their due diligence by keeping ump with regular brushing to keep their teeth clean and fresh. Choose what they like: stickers, toys, extra time for activities, an extra portion of their favorite food, or something else. A reward helps encourages them to keep on brushing and make it a regular routine without even thinking about it. By then, sneak in a little mouthwash without the alcohol and add the good smelling breath to the mix since brushing involves the tongue also.


Brushing Duo


Brushing with the children has two main reasons with them. First, it shows correct movement, and second, it has them get into the act alone as parents show it how it’s done. Parents can also watch what they do and how they do it and make it a more connecting relationship. Share the sink, it’s not that big of a deal.


Start When They Are Growing Teeth


The earlier, the better, right? Having them into that routine when teeth starts coming out is a big boost. There is no heavy sensitivity when they are young. This also includes flossing and the periodical visits to the dreaded dentist. Keeping up appearances with their teeth will be brilliant in the long run because it solidifies their mouth hygiene - teeth, tongue, and gums. They don’t want to learn about cavities the hard way.


Make It Fun


Children want everything fun. That’s how it just works. How to make it more fun? First, let them pick their own brush and paste. There are various versions to pick, so just lay it out for them to go with. Mix that in with the rewards suggest earlier and they will get into it even faster.

These are a few of the cute ways of teaching children the brush - make it fun and educational at the same time. From birth to death, oral hygiene is needed; the earlier, the better they get invested into the process.



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