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5 Reasons to Visit a Sedation Dentist

Tal Lewinger - Friday, November 17, 2017


Sedation dentists are growing in popularity. Especially amongst those of us that suffer from a fear of the dentist. It is a perfectly safe way to alleviate dental anxiety to allow you to get the treatment you need, without putting yourself through any undue stress.


Here are the top 5 reasons to consider a sedation dentist.


1. Your overall anxiety will be reduced.

For many, simply knowing that sedation is an option is a great comfort.

It can get rid of a lot of the worries associated with a dental check-up. This means that you will be much more likely to keep up with regular dental exams. Thus your need for extensive dental work may be reduced. It’s a win-win.


2. Fewer trips to the dentist

When you undergo treatment without sedation, the dentist can only work for a certain amount of time without giving you a break.

Sedation usually lasts for around two or three hours. Meaning, they can continue to work on you for a greater period of time, so your treatment will be completed quicker.

Treatments that may take several visits without sedation, may be completed in just one go.


3. You will feel like your treatment went quicker

One of the great things about sedation is, that even though you’re not unconscious, you won’t remember any of your treatment.

Great if the sound of the drill is likely to cause you lasting psychological damage. And is also a plus if you just don’t like harbouring memories of several hours spent in the chair.

You’ll feel like minutes have passed rather than hours.


4.Reduced gag reflex

Some people have a very sensitive gag reflex that can make dental treatments much more difficult, lengthy and uncomfortable.

Because sedation relaxes your whole body, your gag reflex will be less reactive and you won’t suffer so much. It will also make your treatment time shorter as the dentist won’t have to battle your throat and can just get on with it.


5. Less pain

Sedation may also help to reduce the pain experienced with extensive treatments such as tooth extraction or root canals.

So if your pain threshold is low, or your anxiety stems from a fear of pain, you can enter into the appointment with less worry.

Depending on your needs and your dental practice, sedation may be mild, deep, or fall somewhere in between. And administered through one of several forms (pill, IV etc.). To find out more just get in touch with a sedation dentist near you.



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