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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip a Dental Cleaning

Tal Lewinger - Friday, April 20, 2018

The dentist is one of the most likely health appointments to be skipped, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Everyone, male or female, should be visiting their dentist at least once every six months. Many individuals with good brushing and flossing habits skip out on their biannual appointment, deeming it unnecessary. Others, even if their habits aren’t so good, may bypass it due to expense, busy schedule, or just plain lack of interest. Just like any other health-related responsibility, visiting the dentist should not be viewed as “optional.” The importance of your mouth and dental hygiene extends past just teeth and gums, and is not something you should take lightly. A significant number of people each year discover a serious health issue at their dentist office; they would not have detected it as soon without that dental visit. It may not be the most fun two days of your year, but consider these 3 important reasons why you shouldn’t skip your next dental cleaning:


  • 1.Your Toothbrush Can’t Do It All
  • Even if you brush your teeth diligently two or more times a day, your toothbrush just can’t reach everywhere consistently. Your teeth have many small spaces, nooks and crannies that are prime locations for bacteria and tartar buildup. Once tartar has started to build up, there’s nothing you can do at home to get rid of it. You need the help of the dentist’s special instruments to fully clean your teeth. Unfortunately, tartar and plaque help harmful bacteria to grow, causing other issues. Visiting the dentist regularly will help prevent issues that brushing alone can’t solve.
  • 2.Prevention
  • Again, even the best toothbrushers aren’t immune to dental problems, and dental hygiene can affect other parts of your body. Chances are you’re not an expert in the field of dental hygiene, and may not notice if something is wrong. Regularly visiting the dentist provides plenty of opportunities for him/her to notice impending problems. Preventing issues is much easier (and cheaper) than correcting them later. There are serious illnesses and diseases that can be spotted during a dental exam, such as diabetes, heart disease, and various oral cancers. Increase your chances of fighting a serious disease by taking all possible steps to catch it early.
  • 3.Cosmetic
  • There are a multitude of everyday substances (nicotine, coffee, red wine) that can stain our teeth over time. Dentists are happy to do whitening treatments, which give you a healthier-looking smile and increased confidence. Regular visits also help freshen breath, which is another common source of self-esteem issues. You can ask your dentist to add on to a small or misshapen tooth, pull unnecessary ones, or even refer you to an orthodontist to straighten crooked teeth. Braces and similar teeth-straightening devices aren’t just for kids; there are many adults who never got around to braces or couldn’t afford them prior. You’re never too old for a great smile!


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